How to write different kinds of essay

Some essays we read with great interest in your  journal or collection. Others – we run through the eyes and do not remember. Still, others become bestsellers. And it’s not because of the talent of the writer. Much depends on what theme you open and who you write.

Assay description

In this essay, we write about an object. It can be a flower, any product, a man or an woman, an artist’s work or a film, anything. In the description, it is important not just to describe the main characteristics of the object – face, smell, and show your feelings. In the essay-description, there is not a place for analysis. But subjectivity is still present – in the symptoms themselves, which you drew attention to, in the formulation, in emotional coloring.


In the classification, you dismember the concept. In comparison, take another, a related concept, draw parallels, look for similarities and differences.


Only action. A narrative is a statement of events in the order they were from the first or third person. It can be a short biography and a story about some important event. The main components of such an essay are a tie, culmination, and conclusion. There must be a conflict


If you give the how it should be look like in the illustration, then in the essay- dry argumentation – the facts that identify your words. It is important to creat these facts in logicall way . On the other way of the illustration, here the author presson a rational link, not on emotion.

Causal analysis

   Here you built an essay on reason and effect. You bring fact and create logical of this facts

   As you can see, the text can be with a different structure and different missions. It is from the goals that the choice in favor of all genre or way of presentation depends. You  already may understand how to write an essay in your case in right way.

   The ability to formulate ideas and write without mistakes this isgood. Even more, you fell yourself much better in physical way. Maybe yoy boss will miss one or two mistakes. But the text written in a bad way,  without checking in programms, will characterize you as not serious writer.

Try to write at least one essay every day and you would become better and better every time you try. Just imagine that Edison make 10 000 tries to make a lamp.