Top 5 tips for your diploma

I can’t shock you if I would say that usually student’s brings their diplomas to their master almost at the end of a deadline. But still, their masters find out some mistake and send them to rewrite something or make that or this better. Pay attention to these or that. And now I want to pay You attention to some mistakes.

№1. The relevance of the study is not grounded. This error is private but frequent.

The problem is solved like this: take the submitted for revision introduction, sit down and start to reflect on the relevance of your diploma. If nothing comes into your head, ask for help from the Students freelancers.

№2. The goals and tasks are confused.

Another particular claiming for the role of typicality. Well, do not see the students between them a difference! And to some extent, this is understandable because in everyday speech we often synonymize these concepts: phrases.

In general, we do not confuse. After all, everything is simple: the goal is what we ultimately want to achieve, and the tasks are the actions that we need to take to do this.

№3. The object and the object are confused.

Same. Students love them to be confused! Remember: an object is a common field of research, an object is that part of this field that you are exploring directly

№4. Insufficient in-depth analysis of sources and literature.

At once we will tell: not on all specialties, this analysis is required. But there, where it is required (for example, on the history) – hold on! Several pages, or even a dozen, will have to devote a thoughtful analysis of sources, books, and articles on your topic. As practice shows, the introduction due to mistake you can be sent for revision three and twenty times

№5. There is no connection with the main part.

A hypothesis was put forward, the goal was determined, the tasks were set, and the soul went to heaven! He flies through pits and potholes, over hummocks and rifts. The tasks, the hypothesis, and even the subject of research have already been forgotten. We were going to write about tomatoes, but we write about Egypt. Reads you master can be a little bit shocked

I think there are the main 5 points on what you should pay attention to this titanic job. Take with you as much as calmness as you can take. May the Force be with you.